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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

When bedbugs enter a home, they’ll find hiding places and stay put. They want to make sure that they’re not detected. They understand that you’ll do everything you can to get rid of them. As a result, they’re only going to come out when you’re sleeping. Doing so allows them to suck your blood without being detected. These pests are smart so they’re going to hide in locations that you do not check frequently. They can stay hidden for weeks or months until you identify a problem. Thankfully, there are ways to make them out of hiding so you can pinpoint a problem sooner.

Forcing Bedbugs Out Of Hiding

Do you suspect bedbugs are hiding in your home? If so, you should make them come out of hiding.
  • Bedbugs usually sleep when you’re awake. Most people sleep at night so bedbugs will roam freely at night. You’ll want to try making your home dark to simulate nighttime. Using the darkness and heat can be a good way to lure bedbugs out of hiding.
  • Bedbug exterminators offer bedbug lures that can be used to convince bedbugs to come out of hiding. These products use heat and CO2 to get bedbugs to approach them. Some will even trap and eliminate bedbugs.
  • Using a bedbug steamer is a good way to solve two problems. Bedbugs will approach heat sources so they’re going to approach the hot steam. If they get too close, they’ll die. You’ll want to consider renting a steamer so you can use it to lure and kill bedbugs.
  • Another way to lure bedbugs out of hiding is by using a heat source. You can plug up a heating pad and leave it on your bed. If you do this, the bedbugs will notice the heat and they’ll approach it. Move quickly and you’ll be able to spot the bedbugs before they hide.
If you find bedbugs in your home, you’ll want to throw your clothes and sheets into the dryer. Use a high heat setting and let them dry for 15 minutes or longer. Doing so will wipe out the bedbugs hiding on the clothes.

Other Helpful Tools

Have the methods above failed? If so, you need to hire a professional. Contact a professional and ask them about their bedbug lures and traps. You’ll want to use these tools to your benefit because they can lure and kill bedbugs hiding in your home.

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