What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Using scents is a good way to keep bugs away from a dwelling. Doing this tends to work for a handful of pests. As a result, some consumers suspect that they can keep bedbugs away from their homes using smells as well. Does this work? Will bedbugs try to avoid certain scents? Although they can … Read more

Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

You may live with bedbugs for months without realizing it. These pests can remain hidden exceptionally well. They know where to hide in your home so you won’t notice them. Since they’re only a quarter of an inch, they can hide in many small gaps and cracks. Where do bedbugs hide in your home? You’ll … Read more

How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding When bedbugs enter a home, they’ll find hiding places and stay put. They want to make sure that they’re not detected. They understand that you’ll do everything you can to get rid of them. As a result, they’re only going to come out when you’re sleeping. … Read more

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

When traveling the world, it is pertinent to avoid bringing bedbugs home with you. Otherwise, you’re going to run into serious problems when you get home, and you may regret your trip. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to avoid issues. Below, you’ll find tips for avoiding bedbugs while traveling the world. Checking … Read more

How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

When bedbugs first entered your home, you’re likely going to have a difficult time pinpointing the problem. You won’t be able to find the bedbugs easily. If you suspect you have bedbugs in your home, you may need to hire a professional. Doing so guarantees that you can identify the problem and treated it sooner. … Read more

Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Using a bedbug mattress cover can help you deal with some of the bedbugs in your home. Once bedbugs have invaded, a mattress cover can eliminate a large portion of the bedbugs, but it won’t get rid of the infestation. Is it a good tool for Kansas City residents? Bedbugs Hide In Mattresses Once bedbugs … Read more

Does Bed Bug Extermination Work?

There is often a misconception that bedbug extermination does not work. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, it is possible to find a good bed bug exterminator in Kansas City who will be able to take care of the problem. Just remember that not every extermination method is going to cut it. … Read more

What Does Bed Bug Exterminator Do?

A lot of households are going to deal with bedbugs at some point or another. Bedbugs are horrible. They’re going to turn your life upside down and make it very difficult for you to sleep at night. This is why you should think about getting in touch with a good bed bug exterminator in Kansas … Read more

What To Look For In A Bed Bug Exterminators?

Dealing with a bedbug problem can be immensely frustrating. If you do not rectify the problem as quickly as possible, there is a good chance that it is going to spiral out of control. In fact, it will get worse. With that being said, it is pertinent to hook up with a bed bug exterminator … Read more