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Earwigs are small insects that belong to the Dermaptera order, characterized by long, slender bodies with “cerci,” pincers. The earwig utilizes its cerci during copulation, fighting off predators, and foraging for food. There is no doubt, the cerci play a major role in the life of an earwig.

The adult grows up to one-third of an inch in length, excluding the Saint Helena giant earwig species, which grows up to 3 inches long. Scientists have identified more than 900 species of Dermaptera. If you are familiar with the earwig species, it is possible that you have heard of the story where the insect was discovered in the human brain. The story claims the earwig deposited eggs in the victim’s brain that were accessed through an ear canal. Of course, there was never any evidence to back up the story.

Why Are Earwigs Targeting My Kansas City Home?

The earwig is an overwintering pest that enters a dormant state immediately before or after the winter season kicks in. The insect will remain in the overwintering state until the following spring or when the temperatures warm into the 70s. Earwigs infiltrate homes through small crevices around doors, windows, air conditioning ducts, crawlspace vents, and basement cracks.

The earwig prefers warm, dark, damp, and discrete hiding places underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, basements, and crawlspaces. Earwigs are difficult to detect indoors because of their nocturnal behavior. They are active at night while the household members are asleep.

Do Earwigs Spread Disease?

No, earwigs are not disease-transmitting insects. They do not feed after home infiltration, so there are no risks of a foodborne illness like salmonella, Shigella, or E. coli. The earwig is a nuisance insect that preys on vulnerable homes that can easily be infiltrated.

The earwig is more active in the late fall than in any other season. We highly recommend sealing all access points to prevent more earwigs from infiltrating your home. In their natural habitat, the earwig feeds on organic material and specific plant species.

What Is The Best Earwig Pest Control Strategy For Earwig Infiltration?

Professional pest control is the best earwig extermination strategy. This pest control strategy combines high-quality pesticides with regular visual inspections to ensure maximum results. We believe our professional pest management can eradicate earwigs within at least two treatments. To learn more about our pest control services, feel free to reach out to our exterminators. We are conveniently located in the heart of Kansas City, where we have access to all the local communities.

In the meantime, we recommend sealing all access points utilized by earwigs to invade buildings.

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Kansas City Home For The Earwig Inspection?

We will dispatch an exterminator to your home within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request. In the meantime, you can start working on your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. Utilize a waterproof sealant to fill in all access points until the exterminator arrives.

Does Professional Industrial-Strength Pesticides Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Chemical-based professional industrial-strength pesticides do contain environmental-unfriendly ingredients. To minimize the environmental risks, manufacturers of pesticides are required to seek EPA approval. To obtain approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), manufacturers have to submit the ingredients utilized in their pesticides. The EPA assesses the ingredients to determine their safety.

How Can I Protect My Family And Home From A Future Earwig Infestation?

As mentioned previously, it is crucial to repair and update your home’s pest barrier. Utilizing a waterproof sealant, you should fill in all access points utilized by earwigs. Do not stop until every access point is completely sealed off from future earwig infiltration.

To learn more about our professional earwig control, contact our Kansas City, for an extermination team.

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