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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentAlthough many clients do not like conventional treatments, some do. Using pesticides can effectively eliminate bedbugs in small, confined spaces. However, certain steps need to be taken to ensure that the process is going to be effective. A study performed at Purdue University found that pesticides were effective for eliminating bedbugs as long as the exterminator visited the home twice with a week or so between visits.

The recommendations need to be followed precisely to ensure that we can eliminate bedbugs, eggs, and baby bedbugs. We follow the steps below.

  • Our exterminators visit the same dwelling three times.
  • During the first visit, we’ll treat the home using conventional treatments.
  • During the next visit, we’ll check the home for bedbugs and treat the dwelling using pesticides.
  • Finally, we’ll visit the home again and check it for bedbugs. If needed, we’ll treat it again.
  • We wait 10 to 14 days between visits to allow bedbug eggs to hatch.

Although pesticides are concerning for many clients, they can be used safely and effectively. Individuals in Kansas City MO need to work with the best exterminator to guarantee their safety. We only use pesticides designed for the removal of bedbugs. Plus, we’ll do everything we can to keep you safe.

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