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Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

You may live with bedbugs for months without realizing it. These pests can remain hidden exceptionally well. They know where to hide in your home so you won’t notice them. Since they’re only a quarter of an inch, they can hide in many small gaps and cracks. Where do bedbugs hide in your home? You’ll find out below.

Most Common Places

Bedbugs hide in places across the home. You’ll need to learn more about these places so you’ll know where to search for bedbugs. Below, you’ll find out more about their most common hiding places.


When bedbugs enter a home, most of them are going to live on the mattress. When someone is sleeping, their body is going to release heat and CO2. Bedbugs can detect this so they’ll know when someone is sleeping in bed. Once they’ve detected these things, they’ll come out of hiding and consume the victim’s blood.


You’ll also find bedbugs hiding on your bed frame. When bedbugs spread, many of them will leave the mattress and hide on the bed frame. They can hide on the headboard and footboard. They’ll also be found in all cracks, gaps, and crevices.


The sheets on your bed can be good hiding places for bedbugs. When the infestation has grown, the bedbugs will need to find new places to hide. Some will move to the bedclothes. They can be found on the folds of the sheets.


Having carpets in your bedroom is a good idea. Carpeting is comfortable and warm. The only downside is that it can be a good hiding place for bedbugs. They can hide between the carpet’s fibers and you won’t know it.


Bedbugs can hide on many pieces of furniture. They often between the cushions of couches. They’ll also hide next to pillows. People searching their homes for bedbugs will need to check under the furniture too. They’ll hide in the places you usually don’t touch. Be sure to check those first. You have learned about some of the most common bedbug hiding places. Below, you’ll learn about the other places they can hide.

Other Hiding Spots

Bedbugs can hide in odd places as well.


You’ll likely store your suitcase and luggage in your bedroom. If so, bedbugs are going to hide in these items are well. Once you’ve stayed at a bedbug-infested hotel, bedbugs will hide in the luggage and go home with you. Some will stay in the luggage and come out at night to feed. It is a good idea to dry your clothes when you get home.


Homeowners can also find bedbugs hiding on the wall decorations in their homes. Paintings, pictures, and other wall decorations are good hiding places. Bedbugs will climb up walls and hide behind these items.


Books have several gaps that can be used as hiding places. For instance, bedbugs will slip into the small gap between the book’s binding and spine. They’ll also be able to hide between the protective covering.

Bedroom Nightstands

Most people have a nightstand next to their beds. If you fit into this category, you may find bedbugs on the nightstand. Remove the drawers and check them carefully. Don’t forget to check under the nightstand.


Finally, consumers will need to check the electronic devices close to their beds. Bedbugs tend to hide in computers, alarm clocks, and other electronics. If they can get inside, they’ll stay there. Ultimately, bedbugs prefer staying as close to the bed as possible. They may hide in boxes stored under the bed. It is pertinent to use secure containers to prevent them from hiding there. Otherwise, bedbugs will enter the boxes and live on the items inside. When you go to sleep at night, they’ll leave the boxes, climb the bed frame, and feed on your blood. Consumers need to contact professional exterminators as soon as they’ve found bedbugs in their homes. Doing so is the best way to fix the problem.

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